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What is Triangles?

Connecting women online and face-to-face with female leaders, male champions, expert workshops, and each-other to take the first step into entrepreneurship.

Triangles was founded out of Holly's own experience of transitioning out of a corporate career to start her own business.

Triangles is a free online eco-system, which offers an incredible network, events, and access to resources, as well as face-to-face connections through targeted workshops and events designed to equip you to build a successful and sustainable business.

We work with amazing partners, including female leaders, male champions, and referral networks for incubation, acceleration and education to support women from all backgrounds and locations.

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  • I won a Pitch Night event at Tank Stream Labs, and one of the prizes was a business and mentoring session with the Triangles team. The Triangles team are absolute guns at providing Start Up founders productive, effective and value-added tools to propel them to the next stages of their growth. This includes meaningful introductions to their wide network of contacts, who are willing and able to give you their valuable time and hands-on expertise to fill critical gaps in your offer. Their guidance has saved us a good 8-months in our MVP development and offering. As a bootstrapped team, that has been priceless! Thank you Holly & Kelsie for all that you do.
    Maria Calibo-Sales
  • “The workshop was exactly what I needed to get started with a few startup ideas I'd been thinking about. Specifically, the speakers gave practical advice about not only narrowing down your idea, but actually testing if there is a market for it. I left the session energised and with actionable steps to validate my ideas. Highly recommend!”
    Arielle Madden
  • “So the one triangles events that I have been to is enough to inspire me to start working on my start up again. Start ups are overwhelming at the best of times but Triangles have made me feel like it is achievable. I quit my job so that I can try to build a life that I am passionate about. The support and knowledge that this organisation provides means that I am not absolutely terrified about what comes next. Thanks guys. One event and you have already made a big difference in my life.”
    Sarrah Obeid
  • “The value Triangles is in its connections and networking. I have attended many events and incubators, but never come across the openness and friendliness I have found with Triangles. Entrepreneur wanting to help entrepreneur. It was like walking into a room of old friends where you can be raw and honest that you need a hand, a reference and sounding board...It has step changed my confidence and my business! I can not thank Triangles enough for the opportunities to stand up and share my idea. ”
    Janelle Pollard

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Join the free online community at to access books, tools, resources and speak with female leaders and male champions that can help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

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